Skill Initiatives Classes

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When Skill & Attitude work together, expect a masterpiece.

Tar-rum-tu is an educational series for tiny tots produced by CIET under the Pre-School Television Project (PSTV). Legendry Scientist Prof. Yash Pal, who always believed in 'Learning without burden', conceptualized this series with a vision that children should get the flavour of learning. This amazing educational series for kids was transmitted on Doordarshan way back in early 90’s.
The objective of Skill Initiative Classes is to enable a large number of aspirants to learn in their fascinated areas and to take up the courses for development of skills at their own pace and time. This will also help them in securing a better livelihood using their passion. This forum will open the avenues for fulfillment of dreams in passionate areas like dance, music, mass communication etc.
No. of modules : 55
Kathak is one of the major classical dance form of India. The word kathak is derived from the Sanskrit word katha meaning “to tell a story”. It is derived from the dance drama of ancient India. The series targets the students pursuing the Bachelor of Performing Arts in kathak. The programmes intends to help the students understand the basic position and movements of the hands, feet, eyes and torso. The practical sessions with the eminent experts explain the integrities of this unique dance form.
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