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PRAKRITI: International Documentary Film Festival
Prakriti is a prestigious Documentary Film Festival being organized by the Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC), New Delhi, since 1997. The event is organized every year at a different location for Indian film-makers. The festival has travelled to many places like Hyderabad, Pune, Bhopal, Goa, Pondicherry, Jodhpur, Tripura, Mysore, Calicut, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Chennai & Madurai in the past. During the festival, documentaries, selected by a panel of Jury, are screened and directors/producers/representatives of selected documentaries are invited to interact with the audience on the issues raised in their documentary(ies). The festival is an attempt to spread awareness about issues like Environment, Development, Human Rights & Swachh Bharat (Clean India Campaign) to sensitize the masses.

The Prakriti Film Festival which was started as a non-competitive event expanded its wings to provide a larger canvas to paint the footprints on the educational aspects of equity, ethics and ecology. In the year 2018, the Festival was made Competitive and its jurisdiction was expanded beyond India to South East Asia Region for wider publicity and spreading awareness on the issues.

The documentary(ies) received are screened by a panel of eminent Jury which after jury going through all the entries select the documentaries in each category for screening during the Festival. The Jury also selects one best documentary in each category, which is awarded with a cash prize during the Festival. Details of Awards are given below:

(i) Best Documentary in Environment Rs.50,000/- + Trophy + Certificate
(ii) Best Documentary in Development Rs.50,000/- + Trophy + Certificate
(iii) Best Documentary in Human Rights Rs.50,000/- + Trophy + Certificate
(iv) Best Documentary in Swachh Bharat Rs.50,000/- + Trophy + Certificate
(v) Prize money will be divided equally in the event of joint winners.
(vi) The documentaries selected for screening will get only a Certificate of Screening.

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