Organisation Chart

Prof. Jagat Bhushan Nadda, Director, Consortium for Educational Communication, New Delhi, is Head of the organization and enjoys the status of Vice Chancellor of Central University. CEC is autonomous organization of University Grants Commission responsible for dissemination of educational content through various ICT modes of communication.
Supervise, coordinate and plan the activities of software (program production) development.
Coordination with Media Centres regarding progress of software production.
Planning on channel packaging with its look and feel to ensure engagement of viewers and experimentation on scheduling patterns to make channel more appealing.
Planning future program production for Media Centres.
Training and human resource development in the field of educational communication especially for the program software and multimedia.
Studying/promoting and experimenting with new techniques to ensure the reach and /or effectiveness of educational communication.
To ensure quality of programs and to prepare the guidelines for ensuring quality in parity with National Broadcast Code (NBC).
Innovative development and execution of cost effective methods of content dissemination by using different dissemination platform both online and offline including outreach activities.
Supervise, coordinate and plan the activities of Hardware and maintenance
Constant monitoring and upgradation of technical facilities installed at Media Centres
Planning and experimenting with the latest technical advancements for latest development and deployment of technical facilities in the workflow.
Maintenance of technical facilities installed at various workflow regularly
Physical verification of technical equipment time to time
Incorporation of latest technologies in the workflow
Technical support in production workflow
Supervise, coordinate and plan the activities related to Research for Media Centres
Planning and execution of various research projects like summative research, formative research, feedback research etc.
Holding various studies in coordination with Media Centres
Execution and/or implementation of findings of various research reports for improvement of quality content, scheduling and packaging of channels etc.
Planning and execution of promotional activities, development and design of various flyers, broachers, promotional material etc.
Responsible for overall office administration
Maintenance of leave records/personal files of employees
Ensuring procurement procedures of technical and non-technical items according to the financial rules. Physical verification of office equipment time to time.
Maintenance of stock register of consumables and non-consumables items
Assist in the development and implementation of policies and procedures related to general administration and financial management
Supervise the preparation of various financial statements
Ensures timely completion of budget proposals, grant financial reporting and support documentation, and other fiscal documents
Auditing of accounts
Responsible to manage the Media Library in professional manner
Develop and execute the Library Management System for smooth running of the library.
Experimenting and adopting new techniques and technologies in the field of library
Maintenance of archival footage and master tapes in Library received from Media Centres
Ensuring Production Detail Reports while receiving the programs in Library enable to create database for library.
Update and maintain library records for easy access of programs