The Vyas Higher Education Channel is dedicated to the students studying their degree courses in universities and colleges. The curriculum which is being followed is based on UGC model curricula and CBCS compliance. The scheduling of the channel is based on the step scheduling format
National Broadcast Code (NBC):

    Broadcast will not permit:

  • 1. Criticism of friendly countries;
  • 2. attack on religions or communities;
  • 3. anything obscence or defamatory;
  • 4. incitement to violence or anything against main-tenance of law and order;
  • 5. anything amounting to contempt of court;
  • 6. aspersions against the integrity of the President and Judiciary;
  • 7. anything affecting the integrity of the Nation; and;
  • 8. criticism by name of any person.
The pedagogy or approach to impart education, which is been adopted to create dynamic step scheduling, is to provide variety of the content and flexibility to view the content. This will certainly provide freshness to the scheduled content with its unique vertical placement. It will also break the monotony of horizontal repeats and provide more opportunities and flexibilities to choose the desired time and day to the students to view the desired programs.

Vyas Channel Telecast Schedule
  06:00-06:30 Natyashastra aur Bhartiya Rang Parampara - XV 16'46'' PERFORMING ARTS
  Moradabad Metal Ware: A Shining Example 12’10” ART AND CULTURE
  06:30-07:00 Othello - II 28'00"" LITERATURE
  07:00-07:30 Neolithic Cultures in Non-Harappan India: Kashmir, Ganga-Belan Valley and South India 29'00"" HISTORY
  07:30-08:00 Sanskar 29'38'' SOCIOLOGY
  08:00-08:30 Analysis of Collected Data 16'57'' MARKETING
  Educational Values Through English 16'18"" EDUCATION
  08:30-09:00 Nursing: A Noble Profession 12'28"" CAREER
  Career Watch: Cabin Crew 11'31"" CAREER
  09:00-09:30 Apna Desh: Documentary on Sericulture 17'58"" SERICULTURE
  Magic of Invisible Hands (Filler) 06'50""
  09:30-10:00 Dark Matter 16'10"" ASTROPHYSICS
  Career Update: Web Technology (Filler) 08'39""
  10:00-10:30 Value Addition to Fruits and Vegetables Through Processing 27'13"" FOOD TECHNOLOGY
  10:30-11:00 Sailing: A Sport with Fun and Adventure 27'50'' SPORTS
  11:00-11:30 MONTH AHEAD: OCTOBER 2022
  11:30-12:00 Sampling: Meaning, Types and Significance in Social Research 26'35"" SOCIOLOGY
  12:00-12:30 Positioning of Product and Services: Importance and Effective Positioning 13'36'' MARKETING
  From Pen to Keyboard 13'00'' GENERAL
  12:30-01:00 Business Law 19'17"" COMMERCE
  Sweet of Bengal: Langcha 12'00"" HOME SCIENCE
  01:00-01:30 Elderly Population and Ageing 25'30'' POPULATION STUDIES
  01:30-02:00 Structure, Types and Functions of Lipids 26'05"" BOTANY
  02:00-02:30 Gene Bank for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants 24'55'' BOTANY
  02:30-03:00 Journalism and Society 25'30"" JOURNALISM
  03:00-03:30 Floriculture: Ornamental Plants and Landscape Architecture 27'22"" BOTANY
  03:30-04:00 Underlined Principles of Training 33'40"" MANAGEMENT
  04:00-04:30 Hotel Management - I: Food Production - I 29'05"" HOME SCIENCE
  04:30-05:00 Coffee Beans and Cocoa Beans Processing 27'37'' FOOD TECHNOLOGY
  05:00-05:30 Magnetism - IV 29'00"" PHYSICS
  05:30-06:00 Interface: DNA Repair and Genomic Instability 24'58"" BIOCHEMISTRY
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