National Mission on Education through ICT (NME-ICT) of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, aims to tap the potential of ICT, in Pedagogy and learning at Higher Education level. The mission has an ambitious plan of creating an entire e-learning ecosystem by embedding technology in the teaching and learning process, providing the facility of performing experiments through virtual laboratories, on-line testing and certification, providing multimedia e-content and learning platforms. Special teachers’ training programmes have also been envisaged in the Mission. Development of e-content in higher education has been an important part of the mission of which Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC) is a lead partner. Under the NME-ICT project of MHRD, CEC has developed e-content on 87 undergraduate subjects.

CEC’s approach has been to develop the highest quality content for learners. Each subject has coordinators, experts in their own subjects, who have mapped the entire 3 / 4 year UG syllabus and further identified and utilized the services of the domain experts to deliver the best content possible. To make learning an engaging process, each e-content module is divided into four quadrants comprising of Text Resources, Visual Resources, Web Resources and Self-Assessment Resources. The transcription (text) of the video presented by an Instructor is also available for download in e-book form. The content has also undergone a comprehensive two-step peer preview process to make it free of any errors.