Flipped Classroom


"Learning is an experience and not information"

Technology enabled learning requires an altogether new pedagogy and customized taxonomy, based on the learning behaviors/patterns which are changing with the rapid development of technology. Technology provides platforms for a fine blend of content delivery with its various attributes for effective learning. Concepts like flipped learning employee a pedagogical approach in which the conventional notion of classroom-based learning is inverted, such that students are introduced to learning material before class. Classroom time then being used to deepen understanding through discussion with peers and problem-solving activities provides altogether different environment of imparting education.

The need of the day is a synchronous learning process which is designed to optimise learning outcome & principles of instructions. The world is coming up with new innovations/methods and new ways of learning and packaging of knowledge. Technology is now ready to supplement traditional teaching and force us to rethink design and development of new age content. The concept which is being crafted in CEC LMS is a fine blend of digital age content in the form of concept classes, skill initiative classes and beyond-the-classroom documentaries. This fine blend in CEC pedagogy will be used as out-of-class content. This content will flip in-class content through online courses designed and developed by CEC. Further, learners have the advantage of moving from in-class to out-class enabling her/him to break the monotony of a single format and clear doubts through concept classes or enjoy subject specific documentaries.