The Vyas Higher Education Channel is dedicated to the students studying their degree courses in universities and colleges. The curriculum which is being followed is based on UGC model curricula and CBCS compliance. The scheduling of the channel is based on the step scheduling format
National Broadcast Code (NBC):

    Broadcast will not permit:

  • 1. Criticism of friendly countries;
  • 2. attack on religions or communities;
  • 3. anything obscence or defamatory;
  • 4. incitement to violence or anything against main-tenance of law and order;
  • 5. anything amounting to contempt of court;
  • 6. aspersions against the integrity of the President and Judiciary;
  • 7. anything affecting the integrity of the Nation; and;
  • 8. criticism by name of any person.
The pedagogy or approach to impart education, which is been adopted to create dynamic step scheduling, is to provide variety of the content and flexibility to view the content. This will certainly provide freshness to the scheduled content with its unique vertical placement. It will also break the monotony of horizontal repeats and provide more opportunities and flexibilities to choose the desired time and day to the students to view the desired programs.

Vyas Channel Telecast Schedule
  06:00-06:30 Paniniya Ashtadhyayi Ki Addhanaya Paddhati - 51 21'05'' LANGUAGE
  Datura (Filler) 06'14""
  06:30-07:00 London - By William Blake - I 28'48"" LITERATURE
  07:00-07:30 The Foundation of The British Empire: The Company and The State of Mysore 30'00"" HISTORY
  07:30-08:00 Today in History: March 03 13'27'' HISTORY
  The Concept of Society 18'48"" ANTHROPOLOGY
  08:00-08:30 Business Regulatory Framework: Free Consent 28'23"" COMMERCE
  08:30-09:00 Coleridge?s Lament 25'31"" ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE
  09:00-09:30 Introduction to Food Chemistry FOOD TECHNOLOGY
  09:30-10:00 National Malaria Eradication Programme, National Diarrhoeal Disease Control Programme, National TB Control Programme 19'44'' PHYSICAL EDUCATION
  Fiddlers of The Thatch (Filler) 06'05""
  10:00-10:30 Textile and Clothing - IV 24'36"" HOME SCIENCE
  10:30-11:00 Business Regulatory Framework: Classification of Contracts 24'37"" COMMERCE
  11:00-11:30 LIVE LECTURE
  11:30-12:00 LIVE LECTURE
  12:00-12:30 LIVE LECTURE
  12:30-01:00 LIVE LECTURE
  01:00-01:30 Structure, Properties and Functions of Immune Cells: Neutrophils, Eosinophils and Basophils BIOMEDICAL
  01:30-02:00 Application of Molecular Biology in Investigation 24'01'' MOLECULAR SCIENCE
  02:00-02:30 ISO and Environment System 25'26"" ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE
  02:30-03:00 Business Regulatory Framework: Agreement and Contract 29'49"" COMMERCE
  03:00-03:30 LIVE LECTURE
  03:30-04:00 LIVE LECTURE
  04:00-04:30 LIVE LECTURE
  04:30-05:00 LIVE LECTURE
  05:00-05:30 Teachers of Yesterday and Today 20'22'' PHYSICAL EDUCATION
  The Pongam Tree (Filler) 08'31""
  05:30-06:00 Humoral Immune Reponse BIOMEDICAL
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